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Chemical Products


Strong Partner for a Strong Industry

First place in Europe, fourth place worldwide. With 330,000 employees in 1,600 facilities, the German chemical industry generates around 142 billion Euros in turnover per year. This economic performance places it at top positions in international rankings.

A strong industry also needs a strong partner, with expert knowledge, when it comes to logistics. The experts at our competence centre for the chemical industry not only have comprehensive specialist knowledge, but also continuously deal with the complex requirements of chemical logistics.

They meet the challenges of globalised chemical logistics with individual concepts and the highest safety standards. Whether for basic chemicals nanotechnology, pharmaceutical industry or special chemicals, we guarantee the highest levels of quality, safety and transparency for every production and processing area.   

Our Core Competencies:
  • Transport of harzardous goods (hazard class 2 to 6, 8, 9)
  • Part and full load transports by tarpauline trucks, Europe-wide
  • General cargo up to a size of 2.500kg, Europe-wide
  • 24/48 hour services
  • Special deliveries/ express service
  • Procurement Logistics
  • Punctual production supply and disposal 
  • Permanent inventory management
  • Individual warehousing solutions
  • Order management, picking, dispatch preparation
  • Comprehensive value added services, e.g. packing/packaging, labelling, display construction, assembly, sampling, filling
  • Reliable dispatch processing
  • Transport management by truck,rail,sea ship, barge or plane
  • Consulting
  • Innovative IT solutions
  • Competent customs processing
  • holistic contract logistics concepts

If the Chemistry is Right

A partner-style relationship with our customers is the prerequisite for optimal cooperation. We place great emphasis on close exchange and trusting, cooperative cooperation.


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Siegel Zertifizierung Umwelt und Qualität


Sustainable action is the maxim of our daily business: our environment management is certified according to DIN ISO 14001.

Siegel Zertifizierung Umwelt und Qualität


Our certified quality management ensures that our services fulfil the highest quality standards everywhere and at all times.

Zertifizierung SQAS


When dealing with chemical substances, we place great importance on compliance with the SQAS assessment standards.