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We are Aglow for Steel Logistics

Steel has been one of the corner stones and driving forces of technical and economic progress for more than 3,000 years. No other material is used in as many applications as steel. From automotive to construction to engineering, crude steel has become indispensable to many industries and areas of engineering.

With passion, product expertise and innovative ideas, our industry experts develop customised steel logistics solutions. Whether just-in-time transports, special transports or project shipments, with the right transport method and optimum transport routes we create dependable logistics concepts for you.

Our Core Competencies:
  • Heavy and special transports
  • Intermodal project loads
  • Procurement logistics
  • Punctual production supply and disposal 
  • Permanent inventory management
  • Individual warehousing solutions
  • Order management, picking, dispatch preparation
  • Comprehensive value added services, e.g. packing/packaging, labelling, display construction, assembly, sampling, filling
  • Reliable dispatch processing
  • Transport management by truck, rail, sea ship, barge or plane
  • Consulting
  • Innovative IT solutions
  • Competent customs processing
  • Holistic contract logistics concepts

Flexibility is Our Strength

With large delivery quantities, heavy transport weights and short delivery times, the metal industry presents logistics with special challenges. We prove our strengths here with our multimodal transport concepts on road, rail and the waterways. Whether procurement, internal logistics or shipping logistics - optimum delivery and supply assurance are guaranteed at all times.


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