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NOSTA Group establishes its own eCommerce company

NOSTA Group represented by Fotografie Witte Wattendorff GmbH

  • NOSTA eCommerce GmbH is to consolidate and further develop e-commerce expertise
  • Logistics service provider offers warehouse solutions for established customers and start-ups
  • COO Benjamin Jansson takes over management of the product company

Osnabrück, 20. December 2022 - The NOSTA Group is putting its e-commerce fulfillment onto its own two feet: With the spin-off company NOSTA eCommerce GmbH, the full-service logistics provider wants to strengthen and expand its e-commerce services. In addition to existing warehouse solutions for individual customers, the new company will now also offer its own product solution. This should enable customers to start their business with fewer specific process requirements and shorter project lead times. The official launch date is January 1, 2023, with Benjamin Jansson as Chief Operating Officer.

"E-commerce is growing and constantly changing. One always has to reorient oneself. A few years ago online marketplaces became important almost overnight, meanwhile many retailers also sell via social media channels," says Nicolas Gallenkamp, owner of the NOSTA Group, illustrating the dynamically changing customer requirements for the fulfillment of online trade. In order to be able to meet these requirements to the full extent in the future, the Osnabrück-based company is now pooling its resources.

The COO of the new NOSTA eCommerce GmbH, Benjamin Jansson, has a clear vision: “NOSTA has a wide range of services, has a good sense of emerging trends and is developing in line with the market. In this way, we will develop additional e-commerce services in the future in addition to warehousing and thus offer our customers a wide range of solutions from a single source.” After all, an online retailer not only needs high-performance e-commerce processing in the warehouse, but also other e-commerce services, to handle their business holistically. The focus here is on the approach of an overarching omni-channel strategy with order processing via various sales channels.

Most recently, the 43-year-old managed all e-commerce activities as Head of eCommerce at NOSTA Logistics GmbH and introduced many innovations such as clear process documentation principles, new communication and analysis tools, and concepts for NOSTA's own product solution. Previously, the trained banker and graduate in business administration was responsible for fulfillment at Arvato and later at Fiege.