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Young Fleet with State of the Art Technology

Our high-performance fleet consists of over 450 vehicles. 50 trucks belonging to the NOSTA Cargo GmbH as well as more than 400 vehicles of our long-term subcontractors permanently in use by us form the backbone of our Europe-wide partial and complete load freight network. With this fleet, we can always offer the perfect solution to fulfil the requirements of industry-specific products, thermo transports and hazardous goods.

In our fleet, we focus on the most up-to-date technology, and the greatest possible degree of safety. Our vehicles fulfil the current EURO norms so that we work qualitatively at the highest level and fulfil our ecological responsibility. Furthermore, all of our semi-trailers are equipped with telematics systems. Thus, with the help of GPS vehicle location, we can determine the position and speed at any time, anywhere.

Correct Load Securing is of Highest Priority

For this reason, our standard tautliners are all certified according to DIN EN 12642 code XL requirements for load securing. Our drivers are trained regularly in load and transport securing and also have the required knowledge, training and equipment for ADR transports up to class 1.


What is the Current Status of your Shipment?

The NOSTA Order Management gives you maximum transparency regarding your orders. You can check the status of your orders in the system using the shipment number.


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