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Smooth operations in the automotive sector require precise deliveries, which we can ensure through flexible warehousing and on-time transportation.

The German automotive industry and its related supply industry is one of the central growth generators of the European economy. Every month, hundreds of thousands of vehicles roll off the assembly lines and are exported all over the world. This automotive supply chain can only be maintained seamlessly with strong logistics.

To ensure this steady production, on-time and just-in-time delivery are crucial for automotive logistics. With the help of our sophisticated transport management, we can offer a tailored solution for the timely delivery of these high-precision parts on all modes of transport.

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Warehousing services

For the supplier industry in particular, a functioning and flexible warehousing system is a key focus. With our modern warehousing locations, some of which have rail connections, we can not only absorb peaks in demand. We also offer manufacturers cost-efficient options for storing their products.


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Contract Logistics
Contract Logistics

We handle the complete warehouse logistics for you and control your material flows so that throughput times are low, quality is high and your logistics costs are predictable.


Over short distances or to distant places, whether small or large-volume transport - with all modes of transport, ideas, experience and high-performance scheduling software, we offer intelligent, economical and resource-saving solutions.

Sea & Air
Sea & Air

No destination too far - as a full-service provider, our core competence in the Global Forwarding business division is to optimally master the challenges of global logistics.


Combined transport - This stands for the highly effective combination of truck and rail transport, which we realize via the NOSTA CT terminal in Osnabrück.

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