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Logistics is so much more than the transport and storage of goods. This is why we offer a comprehensive range of individual Value Added Services to streamline your company´s logistics processes and make them more efficient. We take care of the packaging and labeling of your goods, or carry out quality inspections according to your specifications.

Our Value Added Services bring you genuine benefits: throughput times are reduced and unnecessary transports can be eliminated. By providing these services along your entire value chain, we act as an extended workbench and allow you to fully focus on your main business.

Our Value Added Services

Whether labeling, packing, display construction, quality inspection or component assembly - with our wide range of Value Added Services, we deliver the ideal supplement to your logistics business. Are you looking for a service that is not listed here? Feel free to contact us - we will surely find a suitable solution for you.

  • Co-Packing
  • Packaging, Wrapping, Shrinking
  • (Pre)-Assembly
  • Finishing of goods
  • Display construction (counter / floor displays)
  • Labeling of products and sales units

Our experts are there for you at all times. We will call you back - simple and straightforward.

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Contract Logistics
Contract Logistics

We handle the complete warehouse logistics for you and control your material flows so that throughput times are low, quality is high and your logistics costs are predictable.


We develop customized and needs-based warehouse concepts, which fit the precise and fast handling of consumer goods and other commodities.


From animal feed to fashion and care products all the way to Food - as a contract logistics provider we handle the complete warehouse logistics for you and control your material flows.

Warehouse Sites
Warehouse Sites

With currently more than 250,000 square meters of logistics facilities, we create space for a wide range of possibilities - whether as a dedicated single-user site for one customer or as a multi-user site for several customers.