Goods in the eCommerce warehouse


Customized Solutions for eBusiness

With us at your side, you can rely on a partner in the complex world of eCommerce who focuses on the constantly changing market conditions and system requirements togehter with you.

This is because it is of central importance to harmonize these conditions and requirements with the needs of the eCommerce supply chain. All customers who want to establish themselves in this environment should therefore consider setting up the following system structure:

Learn more about components and interfaces in your eBusiness:

B2C Process

NOSTA has extensive experience in all aspects of the eCommerce value chain. Given this background and in view of our extensive know-how in this area, we are the ideal partner when it comes to solutions that, at the same time, take into account the complexity of online commerce and are closely aligned with the customer's specific needs.

Range of Services

Get to know our eCommerce business unit's range of services:

Incoming Goods

  • Unloading trucks and containers
  • Testing
  • Sorting
  • Labeling
  • Palletizing
  • Acquisition BBD, batch


  • Pallet rack
  • Specialist sheet system
  • Block storage
  • Highest safety standards


  • Order Management
  • WMS
  • TMS
  • Returns management
  • EDI interfaces
  • Converter
  • Webtools

Value Added Services*

  • Gift boxes
  • Multi-packs
  • Prize awards
  • Repackaging
  • Packaging consulting
  • Quality controls
  • Assortment
  • Repair service
  • Refinements
  • Preparation batch tracking
  • 4PL concepts
  • Disposal and destruction
  • *for incoming and outgoing goods and returns

Outgoing Goods

  • Commissioning
  • Multi-Order Picking
  • Pick & Pack
  • Full pallet handling
  • Labeling
  • Parcel shipping
  • Distribution


  • Reintegration into the warehouse
  • ABC analysis at item level
  • Reconditioning (repair service, reconditioning, repackaging, ...)

Long lasting shoes, carbon-neutral shipping: MERINOS relies on NOSTA

Sustainability has been ever-present in the logistics industry for years. But it's not just our processes that are becoming more sustainable: our customer base is also increasingly reflecting the trend toward sustainability. This includes the company MERINOS, that our Business Unit eCommerce supports in its logistics.

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Logistic Processing Sequence

Our Service from A-Z

Our state-of-the-art logistics locations are equipped with all necessary resources for logistical processes of all kinds - tested in practice and carried out by qualified personnel.

We have the right solution for your eCommerce business

Whether you are a start-up, an e-commerce merchant or a B2B company - we have the right solution for everyone who wants to gain a foothold in the growing online retail market.


Suitable for:

  • Small to medium sized online retailers with shipments ranging from 1 to 100 packages per day.
  • No individual services
  • Cost-sensitive products / shopping carts
  • Small to medium products (up to 15 kg and 40 liters of volume)
  • Start-up with low risk


  • Favorable prices due to standardized highly efficient processes
  • Profits from synergy effects
  • Cheap parcel shipping thanks to group conditions
  • No setup costs for eCommerce warehouse processes


Suitable for:

  • From 100 packages per day
  • When personalization or individual processes are desired


  • Individual services depending on customer requirements
  • Customized offer for products and requirements
  • Customization possible for packing, filling material, branding etc.
  • Thanks to higher shipment volumes, individual processes can be mapped cost-effectively

We develop customized and needs-based warehouse concepts, which fit the precise and fast handling of consumer goods and other commodities.


From animal feed to fashion and care products all the way to Food - as a contract logistics provider we handle the complete warehouse logistics for you and control your material flows.


As a fulfillment service provider, we offer the ideal entry point with our eCommerce solution Basic! Discover the advantages of our fulfillment, which combines modern plug & play technology and proven best practices.


In order to generate further growth in established eCommerce business models that have grown over the years, individual solutions are often needed.