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zwei Container werden mit Reachstackern befördert

Rail transportation


We transport your goods by rail throughout Europe: our Combined Transport Terminal (CTOS) is at your disposal for customized logistics solutions.

Our rail transports cover the entire spectrum of combined transport. Whether classic container handling, the handling of swap bodies and craneable trailers or the storage of hazardous goods: the NOSTA Rail team will work with you to develop and implement the right and sustainable solution for you.

With our solutions for rail transportation, we not only show you how you can meet the challenges of a growing volume of freight traffic in a profitable way. In this way, we support the environment, climate and people as well as taking responsibility and focus on the future.


Our services for rail freight transport

The CT terminal at the port of Osnabrück is a central hub for your goods transportation: from the safe and efficient storage of containers and hazardous goods to professional container handling by trained personnel, you will receive a tailor-made transport solution designed for your supply chain.


Hazardous Goods

Do you want to transport hazardous goods by rail? Then our CT terminal in Osnabrück offers ideal storage options! Our hazardous goods area offers space for 42 containers in which your goods can be stored safely and expertly. In addition to substances of water hazard classes GGVS 2 to GGVS 6, substances in accordance with GGVS 8 and GGVS 9 can also be stored.



With 10,000 square meters of open space, CTOS offers excellent facilities for the storage and temporary storage of your containers. We also have 40-foot HighCube containers and 40-foot HighCube pallet wide containers available for you in our in-house container pool. A heating infrastructure is also available for your temperature-controlled tank containers.


Combined transport

To handle your goods as efficiently as possible, we not only have access to 630 meters of track at our CT terminal. In addition, the handling of swap bodies and semi-trailers is quick and easy thanks to our own reach stacker with a corresponding piggy-back attachment and a load capacity of 45 tons.



Our customers benefit from an extensive network of modern warehouses in convenient locations. Take advantage of this and work with us to design your supply chain according to your wishes and as efficiently as possible. In addition to traditional warehousing activities, we also offer numerous value-added services for you at our warehouse locations.


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Our route network

We can get your goods moving by rail in all directions. From Osnabrück, we also provide you with connections to important overseas ports in Germany and the Netherlands.


2 round trips Osnabrück - Dresden weekly

Departures Osnabrück: Tuesday & Friday

Departures Dresden: Monday & Thursday

1 round trip Osnabrück - Vlissingen (NL) weekly

Departure Osnabrück: Saturday

Departure Vlissingen: Monday

1 round trip Osnabrück - Tilburg (NL) - Vlissingen (NL) weekly

Departure Osnabrück: Thursday 6 a.m.

Departure Tilburg: Thursday 4 p.m.

Departure Vlissingen: Friday

Train connection Osnabrück: northern ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven

Advantages of rail freight transport
Advantages of rail freight transport

Our rail transports reduce emissions, conserve resources and at the same time increase the efficiency of your processes and the stability of your supply chains.


Discover the numerous advantages that rail transport with NOSTA Rail can offer you. Together with our customers, we realize national and international transports by rail that offer real added value.

CT-Terminal Osnabrück
CT-Terminal Osnabrück

Combined transport - This stands for the highly effective combination of truck and rail transport, which we realize via the NOSTA CT terminal in Osnabrück.


More than just a warehouse location! Our warehouse in Melle is not only conveniently located close to the A30 highway, but also offers impressive technical versatility.