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Express Transports


Your Partner for Europe-wide Express Transports

When things have to move fast - we will provide your express delivery and guarantee fast and punctual delivery of your express shipment.
We will pick up your urgent shipment on the same day within 30-90 minutes throughout Germany and within 120 minutes throughout Europe.

Whether at weekends or on public holidays: thanks to our nationwide network and the availability of a large fleet with all vehicle classes, we can carry out fast and smooth direct transports for you at any time. We will also find the optimum solution for your individual needs with regard to special requirements, logistics emergencies and special transports.

Our Services:
  • Express transports
  • Transportation of sensitive cargo
  • Exhibition freight handling
  • Transportation of dangerous goods
  • Heavy-duty  transport
  • On-Board Courier
  • Thermal transports

Your Advantages:

  • Permanent availability: 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Personal support: A permanent contact person for all questions
  • Fast and smooth communication
  • Europe-wide special trips with direct delivery
  • Implementation of special requirements
  • Reliable Sunday and holiday delivery
  • A wide variety of vehicles, from passenger cars to tractor-trailers to thermal transporters
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