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Air Freight

Sea & Air

With Air Freight Around the Globe

Delivery and procurement from continent to continent – with our reliable air freight solutions from NOSTA Sea & Air GmbH we bring the worldwide markets closer together. So your company is connected to international production and supply chains around the clock.   

Speed, safety, reliability and low associated costs – decisive advantages of air freight. Transport by plane is recommendable, above all for time-sensitive, perishable and expensive freight.

Our trained and experienced air freight experts offer you a broad spectrum of services, from consolidated and direct transports, project and chartered transports to on board courier services. Through our partnerships with notable airlines and selected local partners, we ensure consistently high service levels and access to the required capacities worldwide.

Our Services:
  • Customs clearance (import and export)
  • Consolidation and direct transport
  • Crosstrades
  • Project logistics
  • Charter transport (part charter and full charter)


Thanks to the IATA certification, we can offer international airfreight transports even more cost-effectively and flexibly.

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