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Customs clearance with nosta



Brexit has sustainably changed the European customs system. So why not consider us as a reliable partner for your customs services in European road transport.

Our team has accumulated many years of experience and expertise in the successful customs clearance of various industries. We offer customized consulting services to meet your individual requirements in the best possible way. We place great store by this personalized service to ensure that your specific requirements are met with precision and dedication.

We also understand how important it is to minimize delays and therefore work diligently to make sure your flow of goods is efficient. Thanks to our extensive network, as an Authorized Economic Operator we transport your goods across borders with ease. In doing so, we will always make sure that your deliveries reach their destination safely, on time and without incident.

Rely on our many years of experience and expertise to optimize your customs clearance.

Our Services

Import customs clearance via ATLAS? ATA Carnet? Certificate of origin required? For our customs team, these questions are part of their everyday routine: We support you effectively in all customs procedures. Even if the shipments themselves are not handled by NOSTA.

Export Services

  • Creation of export accompanying documents via Atlas
  • Movement certificate EUR.
  • Certificate A.TR.
  • IHK Certificate of origin
  • Carnet ATA
  • T1-creation
  • T2-creation
  • Customs consulting

Import Services

  • Import customs clearance via ATLAS
  • Customs clearance of returned goods
  • T1-creation
  • Interim storage
  • Customs consulting

As an Authorized Economic Operator, we are entitled to numerous benefits in the area of security-related customs controls and simplifications in accordance with customs regulations.

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Promotional and Retail Logistics
Promotional and Retail Logistics

With trusted and professional shipments, we ensure not only on-time deliveries, but also nationwide supply to the retail companies.

Daily Price
Daily Price

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Project Cargo
Project Cargo

Too big, too heavy, too wide, too complex? We offer you complete solutions for intricate transport projects.


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