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Customs Processing – Your Burden, Our Passion

We ensure fast and smooth customs processing and accompany your goods beyond country borders.

From competent consultation to issuing import and export documents and coordination with international customs authorities, or special risk-avoidance measures – with a lot of know-how and experience, our team supports you in processing your customs procedures.

Of course we will also offer you our customs services, if the NOSTA Logistics GmbH does not manage the transport.

Our Services:


  • Creation of export accompanying documents via Atlas
  • Movement certificate EUR.
  • Certificate A.TR.
  • IHK Certificate of origin
  • Carnet ATA
  • T1-creation
  • T2-creation
  • Customs consulting


  • Import customs clearance via ATLAS
  • Customs clearance of returned goods
  • T1-creation
  • Interim storage
  • Customs consulting
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