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Sea & Air

Rail as the Ideal Complement

Intermodal transport is the future. It is not without reason that intermodal concepts are becoming increasingly important: the clever combination of different modes of transport is extremely attractive not only economically but also ecologically.

Compared to normal road transport, rail transportation massively reduces CO₂ emissions and fuel consumption per transport unit. Thus intermodal concepts fulfil the requirements of future-oriented, green logistics and are a worthwhile alternative for customers in search of environmentally friendly solutions. Why not profit from increased planning security, lower costs and an optimised flow of goods - with regular train departures and arrivals, you can plan your transports more easily and avoid congestion on the motorways. Furthermore, thanks to stable freight rates, rail transport means independence from fluctuating fuel and energy prices.

Whether as part of procurement logistics or for the distribution of finished goods - we gladly combine rail, ship and truck transport for you and put together highly efficient, resource-saving transport solutions.


On the Move on the New Silk Road

Faster than container ships and more cost-efficient than air freight: rail transport is increasingly being used as a worthwhile alternative to sea and air freight on one of the world's oldest trade routes - the Silk Road.

Rail transport between China and Europe has become increasingly attractive over the years, in particular due to the comprehensive expansion of the infrastructure along the new Silk Road. A lasting trend.


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