Individual packing of goods

Individual Solutions for Your eBusiness


Generating further growth in established e-commerce business models that have grown over the years often calls for customized solutions. This is where our Customized package for the e-commerce supply chain, developed specifically for this customer segment, comes into play.

It consists of various components that can be individually combined and arranged. The range of services includes detailed planning and implementation as well as execution - all from a single source, of course. After all, our warehouse logistics is one of the key elements in online retailing and a decisive factor in success or failure. Past experience has shown very clearly that delivery options, turnaround times and delivery quality are decisive parameters for the purchase decision and crucial for customer satisfaction. However, this area is still often overlooked.

This is a mistake that can be avoided with us as your logistics partner. Be it a web store, virtual marketplace or stationary retail: we support our customers in the distribution of their products on all channels. To ensure that potential buyers can access your offers 24/7 and in real time, we also solve interface problems and guarantee the connection of online stores to all common platforms, ERP and WaWi systems.

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Our Service Range

eFulfillment along Your Supply Chain

From flexible, scalable warehousing options to careful commissioning and packaging to international shipping and returns management - as a fulfillment partner, we can support you in all areas of the logistics chain. 

We also provide full service for your international procurement logistics with the help of our subsidiaries and worldwide branches.

Incoming Goods

  • Unloading of pallets by truck, loose goods by container or packages by courier service provider
  • Inspection of goods in accordance with specified criteria
  • Separation of mixed pallets
  • Digital recording and transmission of the goods receipt as well as the inventory changes
  • Recording of best before date; batch, serial number
  • Storage on pallets or in shelving racks


  • Order transmission via interface
  • Check for stock availability
  • Address check
  • Compilation of customer orders
  • Enclosure of delivery bill, invoice, brochure, attachment
  • Individualization of the order with e.g. customer name

Outgoing goods, packaging, shipping

  • Order transmission via interface
  • Check for stock availability
  • Address check
  • Compilation of customer orders
  • Enclosure of delivery bill, invoice, flyer, insert
  • Individualization of the order with e.g. customer name

Returns management

  • Inspection of returns in accordance to criteria specified by the customer
  • Digital recording of reasons for returns
  • Restocking in A, B, C category
  • Preparation of goods
  • Disposal/recycling of the goods
  • Repackaging of the products
  • Smooth and fast availability of stock
  • Immediate status feedback
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Customized Omni-Channel Management

The term omni-channel is currently ubiquitous. Omni-channel means that various sales channels, such as brick-and-mortar stores, online stores, marketplaces, and smartphone apps, are merged into a single entity. The holistic use of an efficient omni-channel strategy therefore creates the basis for a seamless shopping experience for the customer. To achieve this, a stable, yet flexible IT infrastructure is of utmost importance.



Regardless of whether you are a start-up or an established company, we have both your needs and the market requirements in mind. Cross-channel handling on the various sales channels requires intelligent inventory logic to handle individual campaigns as well as ad hoc sales. We can help you manage this challenge with our modular service modules, so that you can implement your requirements in the best possible way.

Value Added Services:

Logistics Services with Added Value

We sort, assemble, label, pack and design according to your wishes. Our warehouses are on the move, where parcels and packages are put together and made ready for dispatch by our employees without delay.

  • Processing of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Packaging Management
  • Fabrication
  • Labeling in international trade
  • Display construction
  • Component assembly
  • Trials
  • Quality controls

Too specific?

Our Basic Package for Start Up and eCommerce

Logistics Consulting and Support
From startups to established e-commerce retailers, we offer custom-fit solutions for any company with online stores . All the way from procurement and fulfillment to merchandise shipping and returns management. We develop smart logistics solutions for every link in your supply chain - so that your e-business will continue to be successful in the future.

Further Informationen about our Basispackage


As a fulfillment service provider, we offer the ideal entry point with our eCommerce solution Basic! Discover the advantages of our fulfillment, which combines modern plug & play technology and proven best practices.


Online retailing is characterized by constant change and places high demands on logistics as well as connected front-end and back-end systems. With our concentrated know-how, your eBuisness can meet this challenge.


Our professional and customer-oriented supply chain consulting in combination with innovative solution approaches and methods from the field of new business, offers you added value for your logistical challenges.


We develop customized and needs-based warehouse concepts, which fit the precise and fast handling of consumer goods and other commodities.