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Advantages of rail freight transport


With our rail transports, we reduce emissions, conserve resources and at the same time increase the efficiency of your processes and the stability of your supply chains.

NOSTA Rail offers you more than just a transport solution. Especially for large and complex volumes, rail transport has clear environmental advantages over traditional road transport. One example is the reduction of emissions as a major issue for the future, which is already being achieved by rail: Carbon emissions per ton transported by rail are significantly lower than by any other mode of transport.

There are also economic advantages to using rail transport: no tolls need to be paid and fuel consumption is almost completely eliminated as a cost factor, especially on electrified routes. Rail transports achieve a further major efficiency advantage because they are not subject to the driving ban on Sundays or public holidays and can travel with a total weight of up to 44 tons in the pre- and onward carriage.

With NOSTA Rail, you not only receive seamless tracking of your rail freight transport, but also tailor-made advice at eye level that keeps a close eye on your supply chain.

Advantages of rail as a mode of transport at a glance


By using green electricity on electrified routes, carbon emissions per ton are reduced as your goods are moving along. These reductions are increasingly being demanded by customers.



The load units on a train can transport up to 44 tons. This increased capacity use leads to direct efficiency gains for your production processes.



No driving on Sundays? Not for our block trains! Your supply chain can be maintained as your processes require, regardless of the weekday.


Economic efficiency

Rail transportation not only saves you fuel and toll charges compared to conventional road transportation, but also personnel costs.


Conservation of resources

In addition to reducing the number of personnel required for rail transport, the shorter distances for trucks also save a considerable amount of fuel.


Shipment tracking

The European rail network is extensive. Nevertheless, we always know exactly where your delivery is and can provide you with the relevant information on your goods.



The risk of theft and accidents is significantly lower on rail transports. Your supply chain also benefits from this added security.

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Our certificates

Siegel Zertifizierung Umwelt und Qualität


Sustainable action is the maxim of our daily business: our environment management is certified according to DIN ISO 14001.

Siegel Zertifizierung Umwelt und Qualität


Our certified quality management ensures that our services fulfil the highest quality standards everywhere and at all times.

Sustainability determines our business activities

We are committed to environmental and climate protection and have set ourselves ambitious targets within the company, which we regularly review and develop further. For example, we are systematically reducing our CO2 emissions, replacing fossil fuels with renewable energies and offsetting unavoidable emissions. You can find out more about our climate protection measures in our information booklet on "Ecological sustainability".


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Discover the numerous advantages that rail transport with NOSTA Rail can offer you. Together with our customers, we realize national and international transports by rail that offer real added value.

Rail transportation
Rail transportation

Our rail transportation services cover the entire range of combined transport. The NOSTA Rail team will work with you to develop the right solution and implement it sustainably for you.

CT-Terminal Osnabrück
CT-Terminal Osnabrück

Combined transport - This stands for the highly effective combination of truck and rail transport, which we realize via the NOSTA CT terminal in Osnabrück.


More than just a warehouse location! Our warehouse in Melle is not only conveniently located close to the A30 highway, but also offers impressive technical versatility.