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NOSTA Group administration building in Ladbergen



Logistics to the Point

From then to now:

From a primarily nationally oriented forwarding company to a globally operating full-service logistics provider: look back with us on the most important milestones in our history!

In the Beginning was an Idea

15 February 1978 Andrea and Thomas Gallenkamp founded the NOSTA-Transport GmbH. Full of conviction and optimism they later acquired smaller and larger customer orders. During the first decade of our company's history they were able to make NOSTA-Transport GmbH’s name in the market primarily by handling national truck transports.


Rapid Upswing and Expansion

Steady growth and the establishment of many close customer relationships characterized the decade after the fall of the Berlin Wall. At the beginning of the 1990s, we began to take on logistical tasks at our customers' sites in both the west and the east of Germany. In many areas we have grown together with our customers.



Orientation on the International Market

The NOSTA network was expanding. Since the mid-1990s, we have built up a large number of branches throughout Germany. With the founding of the NOSTA Sea & Air GmbH and the NOSTA Cargo GmbH, we set up our sea freight and air freight business as well as fleet management in the new millennium.


The Second Generation

Forward-looking changes were initiated in the company: these include not only the commissioning of our NOSTA KV terminal in Osnabrück, but also the expansion of our international business activities and the construction of our central administration building at the Ladbergen location. Another significant milestone was the successful handover from Andrea Gallenkamp to Nicolas Gallenkamp in 2017.



Dynamic development in challenging times

The years leading up to the NOSTA Group's 45th anniversary in 2023 were characterized by challenges: Brexit had an impact on customs clearance and required us to find new ways of dispatching. The coronavirus pandemic that followed shortly afterwards caused supply chains to stagnate while at the same time providing a significant boost to digitalization. Nevertheless, it was a time of dynamic development for us, leading us further down international paths.