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Solar cells as a sign of sustainability



We Take Responsibility

Sustainability is not only a central aspect of our company strategy but also guides our daily work. All of our commercial activities are characterised by responsible use of our resources and a forward-looking view to future. Only in this way can we, as an international family-run company, continue to offer our customers what the NOSTA Group is all about: the highest quality in all of our business areas.

With our sustainability report, we have taken a fundamental and important step towards presenting our various economic, ecological and social objectives and measures in a comprehensible way. On a total of 43 pages you can read how our company reconciles economic progress with social justice and ecological responsibility.

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We act sustainably.

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We strive for efficiency.

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We are committed.

Our Certificates Provide Proof

We have already initiated and implemented a wide range of measures to reduce environmentally harmful emissions and focus on the sustainable use of our raw materials. Our acquired certifications provide tangible proof of our sustainable management.


Our Standard: Improve Continuously

We also want to be better for our employees. This is why we hone our profile as an attractive employer, offer junior staff exciting career opportunities and invest in qualified training and further education possibilities for our employees. 

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