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Combined Transports


On Track for Sucess

A single goods train can replace up to 50 semitrailers. Rail is a highly efficient method of transport, especially for large and regular transport loads. The quality and reliability of rail transportation are further decisive success factors of combined transport.

We currently serve the routes Osnabrueck-Dresden, Osnabrueck -Antwerp and Osnabrueck-Vlissingen numerous times per week. An expansion of the routes to further international seaports is planned for the future. Jump aboard the train!

Our Route Connections:
 Osnabrück - Dresden 2 times a week
 Osnabrück - Antwerpen          2 times a week
 Osnabrück - Vlissingen 2 times a week
 Osnabrück – Tilburg – Vlissingen          1 times a week

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