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Hazardous Goods/Containers


A Safe Place for Your Goods

The KV terminal site in Osnabrueck offers optimal conditions for handling and storing containers. There we have access to an entire area of 8,000 m² as well as a hazardous goods area with space for 42 containers.

Which goods do you need to store? Are they hazardous, or fluid? We guarantee safe storage for your hazardous goods in our large, well-equipped hazardous goods area. Goods of the water-hazard class GGVS 2 to 6 as well as 8 and 9 can be protected and professionally stored here.

There are large free areas available within the remaining area of the KV terminal for depositing containers. You can temporarily store your goods simply and inexpensively, creating more flexibility in your production. Two reach-stackers and numerous forklifts are on hand for fast container handling and transshipment in the container depot.



Logistics to the point.

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