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Innovatively Shaping the Logistics Future With us

With our New Business division, NOSTA is focusing on the identification, development and integration of new logistics services into the Group. With which services or products can we offer our customers added value that is not yet available in this form today? Which logistics markets do we want to open up as NOSTA and expand our service portfolio?

As a driver of corporate development, we consider future-oriented and innovative solutions for logistics processes to be central. The same applies to the formation of strategic partnerships, cooperations or joint ventures, the participation and support of the logistics start-up scene or company acquisitions as a supplement to the service portfolio of the NOSTA Group. The goal is clear: We want to develop forward-looking logistics solutions enthusiastically and with an understanding of the needs of companies.

    Focus on Dynamic Development

    For our logistics specialists, new business does not only mean the development of new markets. We want to be a driver of innovation in cooperation with our customers and develop new products and services hand in hand with them. In this way, we not only react dynamically to current market events, but also enthusiastically make logistics strong for the future.


    Product-specific Expansion

    • Which trends dominate the logistics world?
    • Which logistics services and products can be developed and integrated?
    • Which operational and strategic questions of the logistics world can we solve innovatively with concepts of tomorrow?

    Regional Expansion

    • Which cooperations and strategic partnerships offer added value for our customers?
    • Which logistics industry start-ups can we cooperate with as NOSTA?
    • Which international markets offer logistical and economic incentives to the Group?
    • How do we most effectively open up new markets?
    Benefit from our Innovation
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    Supply Chain Consulting

    Do you encounter challenges within your logistics processes and need an unbiased view from the outside? With us, you not only engage in honest and empathic supply chain consulting, but also get the opportunity to constantly expand your competence and logistics know-how through our logistics expertise.

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    Our professional and customer-oriented supply chain consulting in combination with innovative solution approaches and methods from the field of new business, offers you added value for your logistical challenges.

    Supply Chain Consulting
    Supply Chain Consulting

    With us, you not only hire a supply chain consulting, but you also get the opportunity to constantly expand your competence and logistics know-how through our logistics expertise.


    Online retailing is characterized by constant change and places high demands on logistics as well as connected front-end and back-end systems. With our concentrated know-how, your eBuisness can meet this challenge.


    We develop customized and needs-based warehouse concepts, which fit the precise and fast handling of consumer goods and other commodities.