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Green Tree

Ecological Sustainability


We act sustainability

The goals of our entrepreneurial activities are to make our services efficient and at the same time conserve resources and to offer our customers high-quality, sustainable solutions.

We continuously improve our processes and initiate technological changes to create sustainable solutions. Our measures are manifold: For example, we save energy and fuel by bundling the flow of goods and ensuring high capacity utilization of our transports and reduce CO₂ emissions, particulate matter and noise pollution.

Active Climate Protection

In order to achieve our standards in social responsibility for sustainable economic activity, we have our environmental policy certified annually in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001:2015.



Active for biodiversity

Since October 2022, our site in Osnabrück has been providing a new habitat for a colony of up to 50,000 honey bees.

Through our bee sponsorship, we as a company would like to send an important signal towards sustainability. Being livestock, these industrious helpers are enormously important for pollinating the plant world and therefore indispensable for our ecosystem.